Our Thinking

Constellation has developed its systems engineering framework called the Constellation Program Management Framework (CPMFTM). This framework is Constellation’s overarching approach to planning, designing, developing, and delivering complex systems and solutions to our clients. It provides Constellation with the policies, processes and step-by-step implementation assets to achieve program performance excellence. CPMF is based on industry best practices, customer feedback, expertise and credentials in industry models and standards and our experience in delivering high-quality, high value solutions and services to our clients CPMF is composed of three primary elements:

1. Policies that establish the governing program management practice at Constellation to achieve program performance excellence. They set forth the authorities, responsibilities and requirements for planning, managing and performing on programs and establish processes that define consistent and repeatable program management and technical activities to guide execution of our program for our clients.
2.  Our processes include Enterprise Architecture Processes, a systems engineering and integration process, development life-cycle guide, a common approach to program controls and common approach to CMMI.
3. Implementation assets that provide specific how-to information on executing the CPMF processes in the form of procedures, templates, forms, guides, methods and techniques. Collectively they incorporate the best practices of industry leaders such as Program Management Institute (PMI), the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and International Organization of Standards (ISO). CPMF also incorporates our understanding of the ITIL framework, and SELC considerations.